Referrals and admissions

Admissions criteria

Westbourne School is a specialist provision for students with ASD and SEMH needs, but also young people who have EHCPs stating Autism, cognition and learning and communication and interaction needs. Along with this, the criteria required in order to be considered for admission are:

  • Pupils will be aged between 11 – 18 years old
  • All pupils will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Pupils EHCPs will state ASD and SEMH needs, along with any other diagnoses.


In support of this criteria, we also recognise that:

  • pupils will normally have been assessed as being within the low average to above average ability range
  • pupils may have additional learning needs that are associated with their special educational needs needs
  • pupils may have low attendance or be out of education
  • pupils may have specific learning needs such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia
  • pupils may have additional therapeutic needs/support.
Admissions process

Initially, all pupils admitted to Westbourne School are referred by their Local Authority (LA). Upon receiving the EHCP and any other relevant documents, the school Senior Leadership Team and where appropriate, therapeutic team will review and make a decision whether to proceed. If the admissions criteria is met, arrangements will be made for the pupil and parents/carers to visit the school. This will include a tour and provide the opportunity for us to get to know the child and understand their needs as well as allow visitors to ask any additional questions. During the visit, we will also discuss curriculum, key policies and expectations and there will be an opportunity to meet any key staff. If after this all parties agree that the pupil’s needs can be met by the school and that the pupil and parents/carers are committed to the placement, arrangements will be made for admission.



Once a placement is confirmed, we will work with the LA, parent/carers and pupils to create a transition plan back into school. This will be individualised to each new pupil’s needs and will consider a variety of factors:

  • attitudes towards school
  • length of time out of school
  • anxiety around starting a new school.


Transitions can take various forms from starting with half days, or only doing certain days a week. This will be carefully considered and built up until each pupil is back in full time education.


Pupil numbers

Westbourne School is registered to provide places for 49 girls and boys aged 11 – 18. Classes will have a maximum of 7 pupils unless planned otherwise. For example, in a PE lesson where multiple classes may be taught together.

Admissions Enquiry

To enquire about a child attending our school please complete the form below or contact Lisa Attwood, Admissions Manager at 

Lisa Attwood, Admissions Manager