Westbourne School endeavours to provide all pupils with a range of opportunities to participate in a vocational environment.

To provide our pupils with the best possible opportunities, we provide careers as a discrete subject earning accreditation through either Entry Level or Level 1 courses. We are currently developing our careers curriculum to include further ASDAN Units. Our focus in Key Stage 4 is to prioritise the importance of college and work experience. Where possible, we aim to promote independence through opportunities to learn how to travel and by limiting supervision at work experience.

In support of our pupils, we organise and transport pupils to college open days and interviews. Further advice is also offered via Local Authorities and Independent Careers Advisors. Through these agencies, all pupils will experience a mock interview and will receive feedback which is used to create a pupil action plan. Pupils will gain consistent advice from all staff who liaise with parents to aid transition and support pupil development.

It is the aim of the school that all pupils should leave the school with a suitable placement. The aim is for all Year 11 pupils to actively apply for college placements, training schemes or jobs whilst in their final year.

SMSC & British Values

As a school, we place a high importance on these key areas both through timetabled lessons and wider learning & community experiences. Helping pupils to understand themselves, the beliefs of others and to develop their knowledge of the wider world is paramount in ensuring our pupils achieve the ultimate goal of becoming successful and responsible citizens.

Formal lessons such as PSHE, RSE, RE, Topic and Current Affairs will address some of the key issues and promote tolerance of others. In support of this, the school also utilises a ‘Pupil Passport’ system whereby all pupils will undertake a variety of different experiences ranging from community events to understanding our British History.

We also have standalone policies that explain in more depth how we achieve the Promotion of British Values and SMSC.

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