Work for Westbourne School students (week ending 27th March 2020)

We understand that not all households have access to a printer at home, so we are trying to build up a catalogue of useful age/ability-appropriate educational links and resources for you and your child to access.

As per the previous news post, one resource we would like to share with you is Twinkl. This is an online platform that has created a variety of learning resources, free of charge during this time.

If you follow the link: and create a new account, using the offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS you will gain access. In here, there are a variety of Primary, KS3 and 4 resources covering a wide array of topics. Resources include explanations and are easily accessible for our pupils. There are also links to BBC learning sites and videos.



Word search maker

This link will take you to the Discovery Education website where you or your child can create your own word searches, by themselves or together. You can chose to make these as easy or as difficult as you like! If you do have access to a printer you can save your word search and print it out for other people to complete:


English resources

The British Council has a range of literacy based activities for younger students, including a simplified version of the game Boggle (called Word Scramble), as well as quizzes and story makers:



Audible is offering all its stories for younger listeners for free whilst schools up and down the UK are closed. Follow the link and your child can start listening for free:



White Rose Maths have mathematics work suitable for Years 7 and 8 (and younger):


The Mathematics Shed has a variety of maths-related activities for all ages:


Transum Maths also offers activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations and more:




Word search

Emotions vocabulary wordsearch – ask your child to have a go at finding these words. They can also look up any words that they’re unsure about by going to a good online dictionary which will give definitions and example sentences as well as read aloud the words for students.


English spelling games

Spellzone features games based around pattern recognition, problem solving and voice and vocabulary games aimed at KS4 learners. Have a look at the spelling game called ‘Egg Hunt’ where students have to click the lettered eggs in the right order to spell one of the words from the list:



Here’s another word game which is fun for students and also easy to use. Just drag your arrow/mouse across the letters in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line at recognisable words to score points that are recorded in the word panel. Have a go and see if you can beat each other!×4/



The Mathematics Shed – – and Transum Maths – offer a variety of puzzles, problems and activities for all ages and abilities. Why not take a look?