Pastoral support

To support our pupils throughout the school day, we have a dedicated Pastoral team who are on hand to support pupils whether they are struggling, need time to reflect, or some time out away from other peers.

Our Pastoral team often forge different types of relationships with our pupils and it is through these unique and trusting bonds that they achieve such success. Pastoral incorporates a variety of different roles within the school day, although their primary role is to ensure that the school environment remains conducive to learning. Whether it be dealing with behaviour in the instant or restoratively reviewing incidents, the pastoral team is vital in creating behavioural development in all pupils.

Alongside this, they also have oversight of the online behaviour reporting system. By using data and analysing reports and trends, the Pastoral team cannot only target their interventions, but also work with the rest of the education team to prevent further incidents and support each pupil throughout the school day.

Family support

Alongside the Pastoral team, we also have dedicated family support. Not only do they work with the immediate families, but also any other external agencies such as social care who may be involved with the child. This role is paramount to successfully safeguard children, families and to effectively communicate information to any relevant staff.

Our Pastoral and family support team may often be your first port of call if you have any concerns and they will be happy to discuss any issues with you.