Safeguarding at Westbourne School during the Covid 19 outbreak

Message to parents and carers of students who attend Westbourne School

Whilst our pupils to continue to be educated at home, we want to share our safeguarding measures to support you through this abnormal time.

Firstly, staff will continue to contact you regularly and this will remain through the Easter holidays. These calls are mainly to touch base and make sure everything is ok. Please use these calls to also request additional work or seek support if it is not clear what the expectation of the work is.

Also, we are aware that each child will be processing this situation in a different way. If you feel like some additional support may be required, please pass this on to a member of staff who will then alert the Principal, Leo Guy, immediately.

If any other issues arise in between calls, then can these be passed on directly to Leo who is on duty throughout the Easter holiday. All safeguarding concerns will be logged and dealt with as normal.

Contact information: or 07557 375 458.

School office number: 01623 392 430