Preparing to launch the Acorn Digital Learning platform

An update from Leo Guy, Westbourne School Principal:


Dear parents and carers,

I hope everything is going well and everyone has managed to settle in to their new routines and structures.

Just to keep you informed, all teaching staff have now completed training for our online platform, Acorn Digital Learning (ADL). This is our online classroom that children can access from home and be taught in real time. At some point over the next few days, you will be emailed with log in information for your children. It is all done through the online platforms Zoom and Canvas which are really easy to use but support will of course be provided.  

On the assumption that isolation guidelines aren’t significantly changed, we will provide you with a timetable for online lessons that will run Monday to Friday. Each day, there will be between 2-3 hours of online learning provided by teachers in real time and we will continue to supplement pupils with additional foundation subject activities. Online lessons will be in the subjects: English, Maths, Science and PSHE. 

With the launch of this in mind I’d like to refer you to Westbourne’s COVID-19 school closure arrangements policy for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

This is of course subject to change but we are preparing for every eventuality. If you have any immediate issues with this, please can you share these with me, either by emailing me – – or calling my work phone which is 07557 375 458.

As well as this, we are planning to have staff come round to each individual home this Friday (3rd April) to collect completed student work and deliver some additional tasks that have been organised. Staff will be leaving school site at around 11am and completing the collection / drops roughly between 11am and 2pm. Again, if you see any issues with this, please can you let us know as soon as possible. Staff are excited to get out and see our pupils (from a socially acceptable distance) but we don’t want this to cause any unrest.

Yours sincerely,


Leo Guy