Our education provision

At Westbourne School, we pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced curriculum which is uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil. By creating a blend of academic and vocational learning opportunities, we will strive to ensure that each pupil achieves success, regardless of what form it may take.

As a school we place as much importance on the social and emotional development as well as academic progress of each pupil and our curriculum matches this ethos. We believe that the curriculum is more than just timetabled lessons and we believe that the moment our pupils arrive, the curriculum begins. Each individual moment is viewed as an opportunity to learn and through the use of structures and routines, we will facilitate both academic achievement and personal growth through the use of individualised targets and thoroughly planned experiences.

Key Stage 3

The ethos here is to merge academic lessons with a variety of experiences and alternative learning opportunities.

Our pupils have often had limited positive experiences of traditional classroom based learning and therefore we aim to provide as many opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Pupils will complete the majority of their core learning in the morning and then their afternoons are supported with a variety of subjects such as Forest School, Horse Riding, PE, Catering and Art & Design. Pupils will also begin to access vocational courses in preparation for Key Stage 4. Along with this, pupils will have regular access to Outdoor Education and in Year 9, all pupils will work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

At Westbourne School we believe it is important to reignite a child’s love of learning and this can only be achieved by offering a wide array of activities which stretch and challenge our pupils.

Key Stage 4

Here, our curriculum changes but is still underpinned by the same therapeutic and developmental principles. In all core subjects, pupil will be working towards accredited qualifications whether they be GCSE/BTEC, Functional Skills or Entry Level.

Beyond the core lessons, pupils have a variety of options in both academic and vocational courses. At this stage, pupils really get to tailor their programmes of study and work towards any college or career aspirations. As with the core subjects, a variety of different levels and awards will be provided in each vocational subject based on the ability of the individual pupil.

Where possible, we will also support our vocational learners by providing work experience opportunities to gain a ‘real world’ insight into their areas of interest.


Exam opportunities at Westbourne

Due to the varying needs of our pupils, we have created flexible pathways to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to access awards and qualifications. Whether it be Entry Level qualifications or pushing for high end GCSEs, we will ensure an appropriately tailored curriculum based on prior attainment, baseline data, the EHCP and ongoing assessment.
The pathways are designed to offer each pupil a bespoke balance of support and challenge. Where a pupil begins to exceed the learning outcomes of their current pathway, they will gradually be given more challenging work from the next pathway. This helps to prepare pupils for the transition to the next pathway, and ensure they have a secure understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to make a confident start. A pupil who starts on the nurture pathway and makes good progress will be able to transition to the emerging or expected pathways.

Although we are registered to 18, the hope for most of our pupils and parents/carers will be that children are ready to transition away from the school by the end of Year 11. We support our students through this process by providing careers guidance, accompanying them on open days and college visits, and helping with their applications. We will also identify and provide additional intervention as required to ensure students are able to access their preferred pathway.
Where it is not yet appropriate for a pupil to take that next step, the school does support with post-16 provision. For more in depth information about our post-16 offering, please open the document below.

Key Stage 5 intent



We are incredibly proud to share that all of our year 11’s went on to secure destinations for post-16. Of our 5 eligible pupils:
• 3 have continued at Westbourne School
• 1 has joined West Notts College
• 1 has joined Newark College

This is a fantastic achievement for our first year and we wish all of our pupils the best of luck in their next steps.



• Of 6 pupils entered into Functional Skills Level 1 English, 100% passed
• Of 4 pupils entered, 75% achieved a GCSE English qualification with one pupil achieving a 4
• Of 4 pupils entered, 100% achieved a GCSE Maths qualification
• Of 5 pupils entered, 80% achieved a GCSE Biology qualification with one pupil achieving a 4
• 80% of our leavers left with a recognised English and Maths qualification.