Meet the Principal


Leo joins Westbourne School having been part of an Outstanding Leadership & Management team. In his most recent role as Deputy Headteacher at The Grange Therapeutic School, Leo has overseen Curriculum Development, Assessment, Outcomes and the sustained improvement of Teaching & Learning.

Leo’s educational philosophy is that every child should be treated as the unique individual they are, where they are safe, encouraged to take managed risks, challenge themselves and as an educational establishment, it should be the school’s mission to change and evolve to meet every child’s needs.

Core learning underpins everything and the quality of outcomes in English and Maths in his previous school have improved dramatically across Years 9-11 since Leo was tasked with developing these vital curricular areas. This culminated in The Grange Therapeutic School receiving its best ever GCSE and Functional Skills English and Maths results. Tailoring individualised curriculums is a passion of Leo’s and he will regularly review the needs of the cohort and individual pupils to create truly bespoke learning experiences.

Leo is a firm believer in vocational opportunities and learning outside of the classroom to support the needs of all pupils. He is particularly excited about developing the first class vocational facilities on site and creating a regionally renowned vocational offer that provides pupils with the best possible qualifications, up to the age of 18.

Leo’s core belief is that our duty should be to ensure that pupils leave with more than just qualifications. They should be well-rounded, responsible citizens that can positively contribute to their communities. Many pupils consider school to be their only safe, happy and consistent experience and his determination is to provide an environment where all pupils flourish. He would strive to ensure that all pupils are presented with the best possible opportunities to pursue their passions, develop the skills required to understand themselves and others, regulate their emotions and successfully access further education or employment.