Aims and values

Our aims and values are simple and effective in the nurturing of our pupils. We create an environment of mutual respect between all staff and pupils where relationships are key and therefore pupils are allowed to flourish.

To facilitate this a young person’s Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs) are shared with staff and each pupil has a one page profile created highlighting their strengths, interests, areas for development and successful working strategies. By utilising this information, staff can develop differentiated approaches and interventions to uniquely work with each individual child.

To achieve our ultimate goal of happy and progressive learners, we employ the ASPIRE principles.


ASPIRE principles

Westbourne operates around our ASPIRE principles which are shared with all staff and pupils and act as a benchmark of what we want to achieve for all our young people:

  • Achieve anything you want personally, socially or academically
  • Succeed beyond Westbourne School
  • Positively contribute to your community & society
  • Immerse yourself¬† in every possible experience
  • Restoratively review all incidents and use every experience as an opportunity to modify behaviour
  • Empathise with others and understand the world around you.


By working towards all of these, we provide every pupil the best possible opportunities to become responsible citizens with real opportunities that may have not been afforded to them previously.